Five digital marketing tips you need to know as a small business owner

Five digital marketing tips you need to know as a small business owner

Digital marketing is so important and, at the same time, peculiar to each business type. The market is always challenging for small business owners because their competitors are more established due to longevity and, importantly, having a working digital marketing strategy. The latter is the defining factor.

As a small business owner, you are looking to save costs, which means that being precise with the right marketing strategy for your business determines how much it grows and its ability to compete in the market space.

Many small businesses fail due to lacking a digital marketing strategy. Questions like: How do I make conversions? How do I increase reach and engagement for my business? Who is my target audience? This needs to be answered before establishing any business. Doing so takes 50 percent of the burden, while the execution accounts for 50.

Here are essential digital marketing tips for small business owners (in no particular order).

Go crazy with social media.

Social media is one powerful digital marketing tool your business needs. We live in a time where the online presence of a business matters—How well do people know about your business? Social media helps you connect with prospects and customers alike.

Taking advantage of social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook is key to creating brand awareness for your business and reaching a wider audience. Social media marketing is effective and should be a significant part of your digital marketing campaign. With it, you would see an increase in conversion and sales that translates into all-around growth for your business.

PS: you don’t need to use all the social media channels. Find the right one that suits your business and make it work.

Start a blog

A blog is an excellent way to communicate your services to prospective clients or customers. You should ensure the contents are catchy and creatively curated because many other small businesses offer the same benefits you render, so ensure your blog serves its purpose. Else you lose a prospect. Platforms like WordPress provide thousands of templates to choose from when setting up a blog for your small business. However, you need little to no experience to do this.

Optimize keywords for SEO

Optimizing your blog or website with the keywords or phrases your target audience uses when sourcing information related to the services your business provides can make you rank well above your competitors and also give you a chance to appear on the first page of search engines like Google and Bing. Optimizing keywords for SEO is free, but this strategy takes time. The good news is it will pay off in the end.

Click here to see a list of free keyword research tools for your small business.

Create a Google My Business listing

This free service benefits small business owners looking to target a local audience. Utilizing Google My Business improves visibility for your business when customers make searches on Google for relevant terms. Creating a GMB listing is essential to growth. Make it an important aspect of your digital marketing strategy.

Build a Brand

This is among the first things to do when creating a digital marketing strategy. Good branding allows your customers to connect on a personal level to your business—It is a company’s identity in the mind of the public. In the real sense, you don’t get to decide how your business is perceived because it is a subjective feeling.

When it comes to branding, look at having a  memorable business name, an eye-catching logo with elegant colors, and other elements that help express your positioning to your customers. All of these work together to evoke a distinctive tone and feeling.


Knowing the right digital marketing strategy for your small business and applying it will set you up for success. 

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