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Kenny G Kitchen is an online food business that specializes in Nigerian cuisine and delicacies. Our company developed a website for Kenny G Kitchen to showcase their delicious and unique dishes, as well as make it easy for customers to order and enjoy their meals from the comfort of their own homes.

How we did it

Our team carried out extensive research on the target audience, competitors, and current trends in the online food industry. This helped us to identify the unique features that would set Kenny G Kitchen apart and create a user-friendly website.

Based on the research and planning, our team created a custom design for the website that reflected the brand’s identity and showcased the delicious and vibrant dishes. We ensured that the website was responsive and mobile-friendly to accommodate users accessing the website from various devices.

In summary, the client was satisfied as we were able to tailor the website to meet every demand;

  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Technical support
  • Branding efforts
  • Website design
  • Website strategy


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